Flat Fee MLS Listing Program
The MLS is the most powerful, far reaching home selling strategy that property owners can utilize. The MLS is the only tool available which reaches every real estate professional in your area, and alerts them that your home is for sale. Plus, MLS listings are searched by up to 10 million, individual, internet home shoppers each month. Perhaps, best of all, the MLS offers homeowners the option to save thousands of dollars in commissions, without sacrificing their reach.

I used before to sell my house in south Florida in 2011 in a tough market. Sold the house in six weeks for the highest price in the neighborhood at the time. My experience with the process was extremely positive. It worked so well I am now using to list my home in North Florida. I would highly recommend!

— Chris (Florida)


Are you considering selling your own home?

We can help. is your connection to millions of potential homebuyers. Decades of research show that "most owners fail to sell their own home, simply because buyers are unaware that the home is on the market". How will buyers know your home is for sale? Advertising is expensive and takes expertise to be effective. will help you reach the buyers you must reach to sell your home.

Brokers typically charge 6% of the selling price to list a home. The traditional real estate industry has offered no real alternatives for homeowners who wish to do some of the work and save some of the money. fills this gap by offering you the tools the professionals use to do the job yourself.

We have been in the real estate business for over 20 years. We believe you can sell your own home, if you have the right tools and a realistic picture of what it takes to succeed.

Why6Percent, LLC Is a woman-owned and operated manufacturer of quality marketing products. The President/Founder is also the inventor of the patented InfoTube™. Why6Percent has a national network of brokers ready to bring you the MLS. The company website,, offers flat fee MLS listing services nationwide. Why6Percent also offers an “Ideal Agent™” full service program for your real estate needs. 


Our mission is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth and friendliness. Why6Percent has a concerned and caring attitude that ensures our customers’ success and satisfaction in their home selling experience. 

About the company 

Why6Percent, LLC is a privately held company founded in 2004. Why6Percent is a consumer advocacy company designed to simplify the home selling process by providing useful information, innovative technology and quality products that give the homeowners choice. Why6Percent also offers a free internet ad on the company website,

The company website, offers flat fee mls listing services nationwide.