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4 Mistakes that Will Kill Your Home Sale

Thursday, June 19, 2014 posted by tommi

thumbsuphousepeople    The home selling season is in full swing.  In most markets, this is the best year sellers have had in a long time.  Inventory is at record lows and prices have increased nicely from their lows.  If you want to sell your property, this year is an excellant time to do so. 

Please Avoid these 4 Costly Mistakes that will Turn Off Buyers and Kill Your Home Sale in its Tracks:

  1. We’ve Been Meaning to Fix That
  2. Please Ignore the Clutter
  3. Make an Offer.  We know the price is high.
  4. You can’t see photo’s of this home on the MLS or the internet

The list is pretty self explanatory, so we won’t waste your time with a lengthy discussion about pricing, odors or a messy house.  We will tell you that an MLS listing will greatly increase your showings, chances of an offer and perhaps, even a bidding war.

MLS listings can be viewed on all major websites including, Zillow, Trulia and every major real estate website in the US.  Millions and millions of buyers search these sites, daily.  If your property is not listed, they will never know your home is For Sale.

Thank you for visiting  We can list your property on the MLS and all major websites…and you can still sell it yourself.  Visit the website for details about how to get your property in front of the buyers, today!


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2 Secrets for Making Piles of Cash on Your Home Sale

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 posted by tommi

2013 buyers are looking to set up a new home on Day 1, without having to put in a lot of fixes or tear outs.  The flip side for this is buying at a premium price point.  Having a move in ready home over bragging rights on a great deal is now essential, as is free time for socializing instead of home improvement projects.

2013 buyers are scrolling through pictures of homes for sale on their Ipads, laptops and computers like never before.  They are searching for a home that catches their eye.  A listing on the MLS puts your property in front of millions of home shoppers every single day.  And, ALL Why6Percent  MLS listings are automatically listed on, Zillow, Trulia, Homestore and all the major real estate websites with up to 25 photo’s.  The MLS costs less than  a classified newspaper ad…and, no one is reading newspapers, anyway.

Get your home listed on the MLS today and pocked piles of CASH!!!   Why Pay 6 Percent?

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5 Reasons to Sell Right Now

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 posted by tommi

The real estate market was overheated during the first 6 months of 2013.  Low home inventory, record low interest rates and the lack of new construction were to blame for the unsustainable, rapid price increases and multiple bidding wars for properties. 

5 Reasons we do not feel the hyper-inflated housing market will, or should, continue. 

  1. Rising Interest Rates – Interest have risen sharply in the past few weeks and the trend continues up.  Current rates will slow the number of homebuyers and speculators that are coming into the market during the next 6 months.
  2. Marginal buyers have been priced out of the market due to bidding wars, rapid price increases and higher borrowing costs.
  3. Wall Street and large investment groups are curtailing their buying.  One-third of all homes purchased this year were Cash sales.  This translates to heavy investor buying, which will slow down going forward in 2013.
  4. Shocking run up in home prices are not sustainable.  In May, home prices were up 12.1% on average.  This brings home price levels to a 5 year high.  Pricing is now at a point that many of the short term gains have been realized, and the market will fall back to more normal levels.
  5. Realtors and builders report that inquiries and calls from new customers is down 11%, so far for June. 

Summary:  We feel that the housing market was under valued at the start of 2013, but a frenzied market chewed through much of the low hanging fruit.  With rising interest rates, and increasing inventory levels, we see a move to more sustainable and healthy growth moving forward.   It is still an excellent time to buy or sell.   Inventory levels will increase, but they will remain on the low side throughout the year.  Interest Rates are still at historic lows and price increases, although impressive, leave the average home price far below levels seen in 2006 and 2007.

Thank you for visiting  We have helped hundreds of 2013 home sellers market their property with a low-cost flat fee MLS listing and we can help you, too.  If you need to sell, you need the power of the MLS.  Get your home listed today!!!  Call 1-800-381-9496 or visit

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Listing on MLS Improves Success for FSBO sellers

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 posted by tommi

This spring has proven to be a winner for our MLS customers.  Everyday, home sellers from across the nation are calling to report that their homes are SOLD and for near asking price.

Don’t take our word for it…just read this Washington Post blog by real estate expert Ilyce R. Glink

Studies indicate that most homes sell with the help of a real estate agent. The No. 1 tool to market those homes is probably the MLS. This listing service in most markets gives real estate agents the ability to see and review all listings in an area. If your home isn’t in the MLS, you’re missing the most effective tool to sell your home.

Twenty or so years ago, an FSBO seller would advertise his home in local newspapers and a lawn sign, with an InfoTube or InfoBox, to market his home. Few if any of these FSBO sellers succeeded in selling their homes. More recently, the Internet has started to level the playing field, but many buyers still work with real estate agents to buy their home. Those agents rely on the MLS.

An FSBO service may offer various packages to sellers such as you. The more you want, the more you pay, with the top package giving you access to the MLS for six months. We guess you want to give your home the greatest exposure possible and that you wouldn’t want to exclude a major source of potential buyers.

As you decide whether you want an a FSBO package, you must understand what it will take to sell your home. If you overprice your home for sale, trying to sell it yourself isn’t likely to give you a good result.

You still will need to price your home right, make sure your home shows really well, both from the inside and the outside, take great photos for posting on Web sites, create a beautiful brochure for the home, and make sure the description of your home is succinct, emphasizes the good points of your home and accurately shows off its best qualities.

As the real estate market has improved in many areas, you likely have a better chance of selling your home today than you had a year or two ago. But home sellers can make the same mistakes in any market. Again, you need to decide whether you want to spend money upfront to sell the home yourself in a FSBO or try again with a real estate agent.

We think that listing your home on the MLS is a good step toward getting your home sold. Unless you find a buyer that is searching for a home on the many sites out there that carry listings, you might miss out of that one buyer truly looking for a home like yours. offers inexpensive MLS and listing packages.  Visit our site or call 800-381-9496 to get your property in front of millions of home buyers who would not know that your home is For Sale.

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2013 is a Home Seller’s Market

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 posted by tommi

Prices for existing homes rose another 7.7% in the month of December.  For our MLS and clients who have been patiently waiting for the market to favor sellers, instead of buyers…the tables have turned. 

Why is the housing inventory so low in 2013?

The Wall Street Journal writes a good article on this, pointing to six reasons:

1. Many homeowners are underwater, and thus can’t sell.
2. Homeowners with equity in their home don’t have enough of it to “trade up” to buy a bigger and more expensive  home.
3. Everyone wants to buy at the bottom, but few want to sell when they feel their home will be worth more next year.
4. Investors – from mom and pop and corporate investors have come out and become landlords, taking property that normally would be on the market into the rental realm.
5. With the foreclosure fiasco, banks have been slower at foreclosing homes.
6. There’s been a lot less construction of new homes by home builders.

What does this means for home sellers?

1.   Advertising your property on the MLS and has never been more crucial to reach qualified home buyers.  Realtors and homebuyers are searching for new listings, daily, because there is nothing on the market that fits their needs.  If your home does not appear in these search engines, chances are that no one will ever know your home is for sale.

2.   Holding an Open House on the weekend is a great way to get people who see your listing online  into your home for an actual showing.

3.  Place a FREE listing on  InfoTube is visited by thousands of people daily who are looking for “by owner” property.

4.  The homes that are flying off the market are the properties in the best condition, location and they are priced right, ready to sell.  Homebuyers will not look at a house that is overpriced, hoping to negotiate back and forth.  They are buying homes that are reasonable to purchase and are ready to move into.

Home sellers should act quickly to take advantage of the present market conditions.   Home inventory levels will increase as home builders react and start more new homes and the banks work there way through millions of foreclosures that are still sitting in limbo.    Home buyers are acting quickly to lock in low interest rates and low home prices.   If you want to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time, you should act aggressively.  Time is of the essence.

Thank you for visiting  We have been providing low cost, flat fee MLS listings and packages since 2004.   We have helped thousands sell their homes and save thousands in fee’s and commissions.  We can help you, too.   Visit our website or call 1-800-381-9496    

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Housing Market Prediction 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013 posted by tommi is bullish on housing in 2013.  Our MLS and listing clients are reporting higher priced sales, contract pendings and increased activity for the first time since the housing crash began in 2006.  We have a lot of reasons to be bullish on housing  and here are a few reasons why you should be, too.

Home prices rose 7.5% last year, largest increase in six years.  Total number of  homes sold increased 6% last year, to 4.2 million, marking the first increase since 2005.  The same forces that helped propel prices last year will be in play this year, including improved housing demand fueled by good affordability, fewer foreclosed homes for sale and a low inventory of unsold homes.

Trends that will Boost Home Prices Again in 2013

  • The Fed feeds housing rebound in 2013.  Interest rates for mortgages are at historical lows, making monthly payments affordable than renting for millions of families. 
  • The rate of new foreclosures has fallen to normal, pre-bust levels. 
  • Banks have cleared a lot of bad debt off the books and rising home prices will loosen up their purse strings.  Expect loans to be easier to come by in 2013.
  • Stronger job growth will drive more housing demand as people living with friends and relatives move into their own homes.
  • Increasing monthly rents and the lack of desireable rental inventory will push many tenants out of the landlords door and into a home of their own.
  • Investors are snapping up distressed property, rehabbing and flipping it.  This means higher average home sales prices, neighborhood revitalization and fewer homes vacant or in disrepair.
  • Rising home prices will increase borrower equity in their homes.  This means that few people will be interested in walking away…or requesting a short sale.
  • The Fiscal Cliff settlement left housing tax benefits in tact.  Mortgage interest deduction, property taxes deductions, depreciation schedules and one time tax free home sales were left in tact, making real estate one of the few remaining tax havens for the average working American.
  • Rising home prices will allow more sellers to list their homes and sell near the asking price.
  • The supply of homes for sale fell to 4.8 months in November, the National Association of Realtors says.  That’s the lowest level in more than seven years.  Realtors consider a six-month supply to be a balanced market between buyers and sellers.
  • Market researcher, Corelogic, calculates that home prices will increase 6% in 2013.
  • According to a December survey of 105 real estate experts and economists by real estate company Zillow, home prices will rise 3.1% in 2013. 

All the evidence stacks up to make 2013 a good year for real estate, whether you are buying or selling.  If you have been waiting for the market to improve to sell your home, the time is now.  If you have always wanted to own a home of your own…the odds and economy are stacked in your favor, too.  

Thank you for visiting   Place a Free Property listing.  Advertise your home to Millions of home shoppers on the MLS or  Follow InfoTubes very popular Facebook page for up to the minute news and home improvement idea’s that you won’t see anywhere else.

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Home Prices Jump Across the Country

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 posted by tommi

U.S. home prices are rising sharply, new data indicate, helping to cement a growing consensus that the real estate slump is over.

The closely watched Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller index for the nation’s 20 largest cities posted its first year-over-year increase, at 0.5%, since 2010, June data released Tuesday showed.

If you are serious about selling your home, you should consider marketing the property through a flat fee MLS listing or a listing.  We can help you save thousands of dollars in fee’s and get your home in front of millions of home shoppers.  Visit the website for details and information.

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It Your Home the Set Up or Pinball Listing?

Thursday, August 23, 2012 posted by tommi

What is a Pinball Listing?

A pinball listing is a house that is listed for an unrealistic asking price.  It pulls in a lot of showings by agents and home shoppers, but receives no offers.  Real estate agents, including the listing agent for the home, use the overpriced house as a negative example to sell similar homes that are listed for lower prices.

Any pinball listing is basically a set up.  Listing agents show clients these homes to make realistically price homes look like fantastic deals, which is why the traffic for pinballs is high…but no sale will ever take place until the price is drastically reduced. 

What Happens to the Pinball Listed Home?   Unless it is being used by Realtors as a set up…they stop showing it until the seller agrees to reprice it at a realistic number.

Is it Ethical for a Broker to Accept a Pinball Listing?   NO!  It is not ethical to list a property at a price that an agents knows it will not sell.  If they do, they are intentionally misleading the seller.  Do agents list unrealistically priced houses to use as a set up, anyway?  YES, all day long.

How to Protect Yourself?  Interview several real estate agents before signing any listing agreement.  Get as much information as you can about CLOSED sales prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood.   If you are inclined, you can always push a little on the listing price, but if you get greedy, or try to go overboard…you may unknowingly become the set up, pinball, out of touch with the competition listing…that everyone loves to visit, but no one will buy.

Thank you for visiting  Visit our website for Home Selling Information and Tools, Flat Fee MLS, listings and More.  If you are serious about selling… we can help you get the job done.

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The 6 year slide in U.S.  home prices and the dollar weakness against some currency are driving a property buying binge with Asians, Canadians, Europeans & Latin Americans eager to own a piece of America. 

Plowing money into real estate may sound like a risky venture to many Americans.  But to a growing number of foreigners, U.S.  housing has never seen a smarter investment. 

International buyers accounted for $82.5 billion, or 8.9%, of the $928 billion spent on residential real estate in the 12 month period ended in March, according to a survey released Monday by National Association of Realtors.   (Article by the Wall Street Journal)

How does this news impact your potential home sale and your marketing efforts?  

Simply, if you are not on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or, you miss out on 1 of every 10 homebuyers looking for property in your area.   International buyers primarily use these services to locate property and if you’re not listed there…they can’t find you.   

BONUS:   Foreign buyers also pay in CASH .  No Loan Qualifications.  No Apprasials.  No Delays and No Waiting.  CASH NOW!

The cost of listing your home on the MLS or Realtor. com is only a few hundred dollars for a 6 month listing.   The summer selling season is well underway.  Get your house on the MLS and today.  There is no other way to get your property in front of all the homebuyers in the marketplace….and Time is ticking!!!

Thank you for visiting  We have been assisting sellers with MLS and listings since 2004.  We can get you up and running in no time.  Call us at 1-800-381-9496 or visit the website.

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Paint Your Front Door to Boost Curb Appeal

Monday, June 11, 2012 posted by tommi

    One of the secrets of professional home flippers is nothing more than a coat of fresh, bright paint on the front door.   

   Knock, knock.  What’s the first thing a buyer sees?   The front door is the most important thing in selling a home that most homeowners overlook.    A welcoming new front door in sassy hues like red, green, tangerine or indigo blue can make a snazzy first impression on the pickiest homebuyers.

    Any do-it-yourselfer can repaint a front door in less than a hour…and, for less than $50….so no excuses.   No better return on your investment than paint, where it counts most.

Thank you for visiting   Our Flat Fee or Entry Only MLS listing places your property in front of millions of homeshoppers each and every day.  If you aren’t on the MLS or, you are selling yourself and your home short.

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