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Facts About Who Lives in Any Zipcode

Friday, October 17, 2014 posted by tommi

Zipcode Search

Whether you are looking for property or you are just curious…type your own zipcode, or someone else’s, in the search box and discover some very interesting and curious facts about the people who live there.  Very cool and freakishly accurate.

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New Solar Shingles Made in the USA

Thursday, March 6, 2014 posted by tommi


If you want to cut greenhouse gas emissions and your energy bill, look no further than a new line of solar shingles made by CertainTeed in Valley Forge, PA.

This product replaces unsightly roof mounted solar panels.  The new technology is affordable and new versions can line the sides of an entire skyscraper.   Did you know that skyscrapers use more than 40% of all the energy used in the USA.  The are even bigger power pigs than transportation and industry.

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House Flipping is Back.

Monday, October 15, 2012 posted by tommi

                           The home flipper is back, after a 5 year hiatus.   Is it time to be scared?

This time around, it doesn’t appear that the 25% rise in flipping a house for quick profits is signaling a market top.   The 2012 flipper is a cash buyer…generally a middle man…who buys a home in disrepair and flips it to a cash investor looking for turnkey rental property.

A “flipped” house is one that is purchased and resold within 6 months.   The average time between purchase and resale is 106 days.  The average profit earned per flip was around $29,000, excluding unknowns such as carrying costs and rehab expenses.

All homes flipped this year averaged between 1000 and 2000 square feet…so, it doesn’t look like anyone is flipping those McMansions, yet.  Flipping is more popular in area’s with a lot of foreclosed properties available.

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Paint Your Front Door to Boost Curb Appeal

Monday, June 11, 2012 posted by tommi

    One of the secrets of professional home flippers is nothing more than a coat of fresh, bright paint on the front door.   

   Knock, knock.  What’s the first thing a buyer sees?   The front door is the most important thing in selling a home that most homeowners overlook.    A welcoming new front door in sassy hues like red, green, tangerine or indigo blue can make a snazzy first impression on the pickiest homebuyers.

    Any do-it-yourselfer can repaint a front door in less than a hour…and, for less than $50….so no excuses.   No better return on your investment than paint, where it counts most.

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Before and After Examples of Curb Appeal

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 posted by tommi

The term Curb Appeal was first used in conjunction with real estate in 1975.  And, in case you aren’t sure what curb appeal is…this house has it in spades.  It is welcoming, it is neat, clean, colorful and inviting…it makes me want to go inside and see what else is there.

Accoring to Webster…Curb Appeal is the visual attractiveness of a house, and its surrounding landscape, as seen from the street.  Why is Curb Appeal so talked about among real estate professionals?  Because it is crucial to selling homes.  Without it, the buyer has no motivation to see inside, so the seller misses all opportunity at a sale.  

For example of how simple it can be to improve your Curb Appeal…this house has good bones…but showings increased exponentially after the seller removed overgrown shrubs and tiled over an ugly cracked concrete walk and steps.

A coat of paint and landscape spruce up makes all the difference in the world.  

   Shutters can change everything.  The homeowner made these himself and the change in balance and curb appeal was instant.

Showings doubled after this seller removed overgrowth to show off a beautiful porch that anyone would love to have.

This home sold in 3 days after the owners painted the front door an attractive color and added a splash of color to the landscaping.

This spring has been the best home selling season in years.  If you aren’t getting the showings and activity you should be getting, step back and take an objective look at your home from the street.   If your home isn’t inviting, then change that immediately.  The need for Curb appeal is so univeral to us all, that Home buyers will even look inside homes that are slighltly overpriced, if they are attracted and drawn to them.  Don’t sell yourself short or blame a poor housing market if your doesn’t shine from the road.

Thank you for visiting   We marked 3 more homes SOLD today… best market we’ve seen in a while.  Make sure you have an MLS or listing…these programs will bring you buyers…all you have to do is get them in the door.

If you plan to buy a new American flag this Memorial Day…make sure it is Made in the USA.  Here is a company that makes all their flags here at home.  Check out Veterans Flag Depot.

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Switch Out Shiny Brass Fixtures and Wall Plates

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 posted by tommi

                                                                                                                                                         From switch plates to chandeliers…builder grade, shiny yellow hardware is OUT.

Home sellers should  replace it with satin, nickel or stainless fixtures for a contemporary look. Or, replace it with rubbed bronze or black for a more traditional decor.

This updating project is inexpensive, straighforward and perfect for any homeowner.  Buyers will notice!!

Thank you for visiting  The home selling season is here.  Get your home in front of millions of home buyers everyday with one of our turnkey marketing options.  

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To MLS or Not to MLS? Separating Fact from Hype

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 posted by tommi


What is the MLS?

What are the Benefits of advertising on the MLS

What is all the “Hype” of the MLS

What Should You Consider? 

What is the MLS? 

The Multiple Listing Service is a database of homes and property that are for sale.  The MLS is operated by the local Board of Realtors®.  The MLS is the resource agents use to find homes for their buyers or advertise their home listings to other agents.  MLS listings include detailed information about the property.  In addition to selling price and address, an MLS listing generally includes number of rooms, size of rooms, interior and exterior features, lot size, local school district, property taxes, association dues, directions to the property and comments.  Most also include photo’s of the home and a lockbox.  At the sellers discretion, most MLS listings can also be upgraded for a fee to include additional photos or virtual video tours.

 To MLS or Not To MLS;  Separating Fact from Hype 

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a powerful tool for real estate agents and home sellers.  It allows seller’s and agent’s to cross-sell all properties in a given market, which greatly expands the sales force of all the properties for sale.  The Internet has expanded the power of the MLS by providing information in real time to not only agents, but to home buyers and home sellers alike through its website.  The MLS and Realtor,com it is looked at by thousands of real estate agents who may have a buyer for your property and individual home buyers searching the Internet.  

Note:  In addition to, properties listed on the MLS  also appear on other major real estate search engines like Zillow,,,, Yahoo, Google and a host of others. 

Benefits of MLS Advertising: 

There is only one very significant benefit to having your home listed on the MLS…EXPOSURE!   The fact that your home is for sale will now be known by anyone searching the Internet.  Additionally, hundreds, if not thousands of real estate agents in your market will also know about your property.  To fully benefit from this exposure, you need to be willing to “co-op” with a real estate agent, if they bring a buyer whose contract terms are acceptable to you.  “Co-op” means that you agree to compensate the buyer’s real estate agent at the closing of your property.  Typically, a buyer’s agent will earn between 2%-3% of the sales price of the home.  If you are willing to “co-op” with a buyer’s agent, you should indicate this clearly in your Internet and classified advertising, and on your brochures. 

To list your home on the MLS, you will need to contract with a real estate listing agent that is a member of your local real estate board.  If your interest is purely to have your home listed on the MLS; you can contract with a new type of  Broker who charges a one-time fee to cover the cost of them listing your home in the MLS and allows you to act as your own listing agent. 

The flat-fee MLS listing concept is fairly new and not all agents will be anxious to provide this service, as they are in the full service real estate listing business.  To learn more about using a flat-fee MLS service, visit websites like     

In many areas of the United States, when a home appears on the local MLS, it will also appear on aggregator websites like MSN Home Advisor, Yahoo Real  Estate,, and local state and broker websites.  Many of the MLS  Boards send their inventory directly to these websites to enable even more exposure for the homeowner. 

In today’s transient society, thousands of people use the internet to search for homes far in advance of their relocation.  Many  people supply the list of properties that interest them to their agent, so the agent can set up showing appointments.  When a buyer is relocating to a new area, time is limited and critical.  This means the buyer’s agent becomes a critical part of relocation effort.  Therefore, the MLS can be key to exposing your home to people relocating to your area. 

What is the Hype of an MLS listing? 

1)      Your house will never sell if it is NOT listed on the MLS…False.

Your house may sell more quickly or for more money because of the tremendous exposure we discussed above, but your home can sell with or without the MLS.   

2)      Buyers will never find your home if it is NOT listed on the MLS…False.

According to the National Assn. of Realtors data, 60% of all home sales occur because of the sign in the yard.   Newsletters, directional signs, open houses, classified advertising and InfoTubes or InfoBoxes, filled with attractive home information flyers, will also help you find a buyer for your home. 

3)      Real estate agents will not bring a buyer to you if you are NOT on theMLS… False.

If an agent has an interested buyer and you indicate you are willing to pay them a commission, they have no reason to boycott your property.   If they do, they risk that the buyer contacts you directly and they don’t make a dime. 


The MLS has proven value and is certainly a wonderful way to expand your advertising reach.  If your goal is to make local agents aware that your home is for sale and reach the millions of buyers searching for homes on major real estate websites.  Keep in mind that you will need to pay a commission to a buyer agent at closing, if they bring you an offer that you accept.

If you decide to place your home on the MLS, consider it as a part of your overall marketing strategy and not a replacement for your advertising program.  Properly understood, the MLS can be another excellent part of your home selling process.

Thank you for visiting   Our national network of flat fee MLS brokers are standing by to assist you in marketing your home.  Please visit our website or phone 1-800-381-9496 to get started!

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Profitable 2012 Resolution:  Showcase and show off your home with great photo’s.

     Photographs are important and powerful tools in marketing real estate.    Statistics show that home sellers who provide numerous and good quality photographs of their property receive twice the amount of buyer interest than their competition.

When photographing your property, try to follow this advise from Dave Rezendes, #1 real estate photographer in the USA.

• Don’t assume that wider is better.  Sometimes a particular vignette or architectural detail will better convey the feeling of a house and give a stronger effect.


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What the Real Estate Market looks like in 2012

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 posted by tommi

Would you like to see what the housing market has in store for 2012?  If so, take a moment to watch this video.

Housing Market 2012

Remember that in spite of the doom and gloom…10,000 sets of keys are handed to new homeowners every single day!!  

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Remember that… Who you buy From is as important as What you Buy!   Look for Made in the USA products and support US workers!!

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Made in the USA School Supplies

Friday, July 8, 2011 posted by tommi

Americans spent a staggering $52 BILLION on “Back to School Supplies” in 2010.   

We believe that very little of your $52 BILLION spent at big box retailers benefited American companies and US workers. 

If you are worried about the future of the US economy….  If you care about the millions of unemployed and homeless Americans…Make a Pledge that in 2011 you will buy Back to School Supplies that are Made in the USA!!!    It’s that simple.  Keep your money in your pocket and Say “NO” to rewarding retailers and companies that sell out American companies and support foreign workers.

It’s easier than you think to find American Made Back to School Supplies.  Here is a short list of companies to get you started!

Duluth Pack  
Tough Traveler  
Mimi the Sardine  
Laptop Lunch  
General Pencil  
Clementine Art  
Basic brand  
Mead (select items)  
New Leaf  
Union Built PC  
Green Guru (laptop sleeve)  
American Jeans  
Levis Capital E  
True Religion Jeans  
Rock & Republic  
Paige Premium Denim  
Robin’s Jean  
Frankie B.  
Genetic Jeans  
Hudson Jeans  
Rich & Skinny  
Earnest Sewn  
Citizens of Humanity  
Rag & Bone  
American Socks  
Fox River Socks  
American Shoes and Boots  
Alden Shoes  
Allen Edmonds  
New Balance (select)  
American Clothing  
Hard Tail  
American Apparel  
Basic Threads  
Fresh Produce  

SOURCE Made in the USA Foundation

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