32 Story Condo Occupied by One Family

Thursday, July 30, 2009 posted by tommi

oasis.jpg  Victor Vangelakos purchased one unit in the luxury Oasis Condominum highrise in Fort Myers for his family.  He then discovered that they are the only occupant in the huge, empty, 32 story building.

Vangelakos purchased the property, with his wife and three kids, for $430,000.  The plan was to use the home for vacations, until his retirement in 4 years.  Unfortunately, the housing market had another plan.


An Empty Condo Building is Spooky. 

The family randomly hears people on the grounds and inside the building.  One night, someone even banged on their door and disappeared.  The community pool is especially popular for break ins and intruders toss the chairs into the pool, as they abandon the building.   The management company shut off the water to the building for 10 days, but the TV’s worked. 

So what can be done about this nightmare in Fort Myers?  Vangelakos wants out and who can blame him.  He has not filed a lawsuit, yet, but he has written to The Related Group, the seller, about building maintainence and their undelivered promises for ammenities such as a marina, pro shop and fancy resturants.  To date, his plea’s have fallen on deaf ears, even though the developer could easily buy him out or move him to the Oasis II building located next door.

Betsy Lu McCoy, mouthpiece for the developer, responded to homeowner saying, “We did not foresee, nor did anyone else foresee, the collapse of the real estate business and the concurrent collapse of the lending industry,” Mc Coy added, “They’re caught and we’re caught.” 

Our opinion…Give me a Break!  You’re not caught Ms McCoy, this family is caught.  Give them their money back or rent their unit from them, and be brave enough to live in your own building by yourself.

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